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How a Leading American Investment Bank Transformed Regulatory Training with Ozemio's Performance-Oriented Solutions


A pioneering American multinational investment bank and financial services company whose clients include corporations, institutions, and individuals.


Regulatory Training Solutions


Investment Banking and Financial Services


  • Our client needed us to develop engaging and comprehensive learning solutions to address a recently launched Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation that aims to elevate standards across the financial services industry. 
  • Learning solutions that can upskill employees and raise the standards for consumer protection across the financial services industry. 
  • Thus, the client sought to foster a cultural shift towards emphasizing the importance of embedding consumer-centric practices.
  • The client also wanted to equip its workforce with the relevant knowledge and skills to ensure adherence to key principles of Custom Duty, thus reducing harm to its customers caused by any actions or inactions of businesses or service providers that are not confined to the Consumer Duty regulations. 
  • Our client hoped to generate these significant transformations across the financial services sector, thus setting more well-defined standards.


Ozemio partnered with our client to offer them targeted human-centric learning solutions that employed a uniquely designed pedagogy in order to foster a culture of continuous learning that would:

  • Enhance the understanding of the FCA Consumer Duty by providing carefully crafted interactive learning with high-quality media elements that improve comprehension and recall of regulatory principles. 
  • Reduce cognitive overload and boost engagement among learners by using manageable segments and intuitive, self-paced exploration, thus ensuring a culture of continuous learning.
  • Ensure a confident, practical knowledge application with scenario-based knowledge checks to enhance decision-making skills in real-life regulatory scenarios.

Benefits and Impact 

  • 80% improvement in understanding and application of the FCA Consumer Duty principles.
  • 75% higher efficiency and faster integration of the new regulatory standards.
  • 70% increase in both knowledge retention and recall.