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Products and processes – The twin pillars of excellence

Products change and evolve in keeping with the times, consumer behavior, market trends and ever changing technology. The lifecycles and development through the years can transform products. If your team finds it difficult to keep up with the changes, how can they communicate those effectively to the consumer?

Processes are no different. Each with their own business goals. They are meant to be achieving a singular purpose. Your teams must be focused on how the system facilitates better outcomes.

The Challenges

Product Training
  • FAB – Features, Advantages, Benefits – Are your teams abreast of every minor change?
  • Mass content – Is it represented to be easily retained by learners without being detailed?
  • No effort to update changes or insights
  • Global workforce has training challenges
Process Training

Perception and intricacies of process training are key factors. All processes are designed to facilitate, but most are dynamic in nature.

  • Consistency – Are training channels and messaging consistent?
  • Action and application – Apart from knowledge and understanding, can learners apply processes responsibly? In real life?
  • Engagement – Is the content structured for optimal use and experience?
  • PTS – Is there adequate support for learners?

How Ozemio overcomes challenges

Ozemio’s approach is a meticulously designed system that has been developed to account for every possible scenario with utmost precision, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Context Setting

Learners often question the need for training. The phenomena of WIFM/B – What’s in it for me/Business needs to be clarified and specific contexts need to be set. This helps greatly in managing expectations.


Where does the main story lie? We focus only on key tasks that are business-critical. Our performance support helps with the rest.

Autonomous Learning

Self exploration is encouraged, and a guided practice allows learners to fail in a safe environment.


Pre-training communication

Real-life examples

Web-based training, microlearning, explainer videos

Reinforcement exercise with feedback

Online assessments

Post training support, mentorship, and complementary content

Clients who have experienced Ozemio

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