Does compliance get in the way of employees doing their jobs?

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Complying with compliance – The challenges

Compliance governs almost all products and services. Guidelines, regulations and legal requirements require intense and complete training that needs to be constantly updated.

Compliance is a necessity and there’s no getting around it. But while most training is stop-gap and just something of a tick-box, it serves no real purpose. Too often, challenges present themselves in the everyday working lives of employees.

The content is boring and often full of technical jargon

No sense of direct application of compliance training

Training is a ritual and isn’t continuous to update

People don’t see relevance to their jobs

No mechanism to sensitize employees on impact and cost of non-compliance

The Ozemio approach

When you involve employees with engaging, informal content, there’s a marked improvement in retention and application. This is the basic Ozemio premise.

communication plan

A well-designed communication plan that aims to change behavior

Training modes

Training modes that use flexible digital assets

Continuous learning

Continuous learning using appropriate technology

How does this play out?

Our approach traverses three areas:


Through town-halls, emails and workshops, we initiate an informal campaign that brings in a positive change environment. We show analyses of what consequences of non-compliance can do and the cost of failures. We foster inter-team and intra-team change champions.


Ozemio uses many formats towards effective and engaging compliance training.

  • Blended learning framework
  • Byte-sized content based on cognitive science – making it easy to digest and remember
  • Online and classroom simulations
  • Case study analysis and calls for action
  • Assessments of progress

The post-training phase is vital and one Ozemio stresses upon. We offer continuous support to your teams, so they’re not left abruptly. We help them figure out future and unexpected scenarios even after the training is done.

  • Post-training kit
  • Job aids on common non-compliance and exceptions
  • Updates provided periodically
  • Coaches and mentors assigned
  • Support plan devised according to requirements

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