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June 16, 2023
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June 16, 2023

Loreal - Gamified E-learning Solution for Salon Professionals




Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • To design and deliver e-courses based on latest products and services.
  • To train professionals on the latest product range and its application protocol in accordance to the changing customers’ needs. 
  • Ensure delivery of larger than life experience for their professional partners.


  • There was a content need to gain expertise on the newly introduced products and services. 
  • Professionals in the beauty industry have to be trained as per the changing regulatory compliances. 
  • It was imperative to outshine the brand among others on a global competitive landscape. 
  • Manual training sessions were monotonous, requiring learners spend time away from their job routine.

Our Solution

  • Visually impactful and graphics based online training was imparted to the professionals to update them with the latest product range. 
  • E-courses were gamified by including badges and rewards to increase learner engagement. 
  • Technology-aided sessions were created to cover one complete brand and cater to pertinent needs of the professionals at the salon level.


  • In addition to attractive graphics, gamification of the e- courses improved learner engagement and retention.
  • Virtual training could be accessed anytime and anywhere as per the convenience of the learners
  • Technology-enabled training delivery resulted in huge time and cost-savings associated with workplace training.