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June 16, 2023
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Clinical Innovations - Video-based Courses for Better Medical Assistance


Clinical Innovations


Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • Need to deliver continual learning experience for clinicians to effectively respond to serious medical conditions. 
  • To design interactive simulations for personalized smartphones and tablets. 
  • To mitigate the risks associated with the lives of mothers and their babies.


  • Traditional classroom approach was not so engaging and required huge investments. 
  • Usage of skeletal of human anatomy lacked use of visual aids and practical know-how. 
  • To bring accuracy as the entire scenario was critical in performing life-saving procedures. 
  • To identify mistakes through videos-based courses and mitigate life-risky situations.

Our Solution

  • A highly engaging mobile-supported simulation was developed to train the clinicians on complex procedures
  • Audios helped to explain the concept and background of scenarios in a better way.  
  • Animations were used to achieve the best delivery outcomes using Kiwi OmniCup demo. 
  • An engaging training intervention comprising of demonstration and practice was developed.


  • Delivery of just-in-time learning experience via personalized mobile devices. 
  • Mobile learning helped clinicians to seek medical assistance at their own pace of time and place. 
  • The hands-on experience with real patients was replaced with simulations to create a safer environment. 
  • Videos embedded with e-courses improved learners’ understanding within a simulated environment. Crisp video nuggets improved the learning uptake of clinicians as well their engagement level.
  • The simulations helped saving the lives of mothers and their babies undergoing surgical procedures. 
  • In the first 10 days of launch of Ebb simulation program, around 1,577,158 views, 3,627 subscribers, 1053 shares and videos were added to more than 1053 playlists.