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June 16, 2023
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Toolingu SME - Graphical and Animated E-courses for Machinery and Manufacturing


Tooling U


Service Case Study



Business Requirements 

  • To design and deliver graphical e-courses based on machinery and manufacturing.
  • Client wanted a 3D animation based learning module for manufacturing training.
  • To train professionals on the latest product range and its application protocol in accordance to the changing customers’ needs.


  • Creating all models from scratch in 3Ds Max to meet the project requirement.
  • Giving a realistic experience to the learners so that they gain better understanding of the product without going on the manufacturing floor.
  • Graphical representation of the manufacturing machines and models.

Our Solution

  • Animations were used to achieve the best outcomes to match the mechanical animations.
  • Interactive 3D graphics were embedded to understand the manufacturing in a better way.
  • All models were created from scratch in 3Ds Max using variety of technique to meet the project requirement.
  • The models were designed to mimic the realistic metallic, plastic, water material and so on.


  • The 3D graphics helped learners to understand the working of the machines and models better and gain practical know how.
  • Used Minimal Text to ensure that the learners could concentrate more on the various machine parts and their uses.
  • 3D graphics and videos ensured maximum gain of information, without going out to the factory floor reducing a lot of risk factors for the End-Clients.
  • Building confidence among the learners in dealing with the machines in real life – ultimately increased output.