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DBS - Engaging Induction Program for Globally Dispersed Workforce




Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • Client wanted to deliver an effective training program that would reach out to new recruits all over India.
  • Client wanted to optimize engagement, retention, and performance levels of employees through an innovative e-learning approach.


  • To conduct induction training for employees spread across different geographies was the major challenge.
  • Another challenge to conduct innovative training programs to reach out to new recruits in a more convenient way.

Our Solution

  • It was important to create an interest in the course right from the beginning and sustain it throughout the entirety of the course. A mentor was introduced in a travel theme, creating a personal connect with the learner. 
  • Further breathing life into the mentor was a 3D element, which was made available in all the introductory screens. The learner was provided with a toggle option of switching between 2D and 3D for specific slides. Though the colour ‘red’ was chosen to be predominant throughout the course, it did not work for highlighting the 3D feature. This hitch was overcome by converting the navigating bars into ‘green’ in for 3D option, while the rest of the text remains unchanged.
  • For the purpose of imparting information, textual content was kept crisp and presented in bulleted form. A conscious effort was made to introduce audio before or after textual content – so that the learner is able to concentrate on text and retain the information without any distractions.
  • Videos were included to make the course more appealing. For instance, a video of CEO of DBS India welcoming the learners is shown in this module. This provided an instant connection for new recruits. To further strengthen this connection, a video of employees sharing their experience of working with DBS was also included. 


  • The main objective behind creating this course was to increase the reach of training, while retaining effectiveness. New recruits across India were trained with the help of this course, but the online platform made it all possible without the logistical barriers of travel and conflicting schedules. This provided time and cost savings for the client.
  • It was imperative that induction training provide the same kind of support and knowledge to all new employees, irrespective of their role or designation in the organizational structure. This in turn, ensured that the employee was able to learn about the organization and connected to it. In the absence of different instructors for different learner groups, the course also provided the assurance of uniformity in how the training was conducted across offices in different locations.
  • DBS Bank traditionally conducted inductions spread out to 7 days and felt that many learners lost interest on the way. The crisp nature of content and innovative delivery medium reduced the length of the course to about 1.5 learning hours.
  • Suitable relief was provided with interactive audio-visuals from time to time and attractive graphics made sure that the visual appeal of the training does not let any tedium set in. 
  • Not only the client, but the learners also asserted that the course was indeed very impactful. Learner feedback from the course on course content as well as delivery was very positive - indicative that the course was able to achieve the results that it sought.
  • The employees felt a greater connect with the organization and the values it inculcated. In addition to skills required for the job, this connect was as important and factors greatly in individual success.
  • The employee was more aware – knowing the geographical spread of the organization helped them to realize organizational goals better and align their individual goals accordingly
  • The course provided clear indicators on learner progress and retention. This not only helped to boost the confidence of the learner but their superiors as well, who were assured that the new employee was starting work with appropriate knowledge of the organization and its expectations out of him or her. 
  • With the success that this course has achieved in India, DBS is also planning to spread out the scope of this course to international offices as well. With suitable localization of content and medium, DBS wanted to conduct induction program in all their offices across the world, in the same interactive manner.