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April 15, 2023
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April 15, 2023

How A BFSI MNC Used Futuristic Theme-Based Learning and Purpose of Digital Transformation to be Ready for the Future.


The client is a leading international banking and financial services company. It has a presence in more than 60 of the world’s most dynamic markets.





Business Objective

  • Onboard new employees on the technology function.
  • Introduce the background and history of the bank

Learning Objective

  • Understand the bank’s history and legacy.
  • Understand the bank’s stance on technology and growth

Learner Profile with Number of Learners

  • New employees joining the organization and existing employees.
  • Operations team (technology function; tech induction)
  • 10,000+ employees

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy

This course is a great onboarding eLearning example to display the concept in an engaging way to new employees joining the organization. Designed with a perspective of futuristic banking, it helped employees to understand that technology is at the heart of the bank and that they are on a mission to transform the way people do banking. The Ozemio suite of solutions was used to find the best learning solution for employees.

The learning approaches to this onboarding eLearning module were tailor-made, particularly in supporting the global expansion of the corporation and other multinational corporations expanding in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East:

  • Futuristic theme-based learning; social learning.
  • Blended learning (ILT, online videos, and board games)
  • Game-based quiz

The training program was a three-part induction to the technology function at the bank:

  1. First was an introductory video to provide clear context and introduce new employees to the bank.
  2. The second was instructor-led training designed with a futuristic theme allowing users to imagine the world that technology can create at the bank.
  3. The third was a board game-based quiz that used the social learning factor. Users play a multiplayer board game reminiscent of Snakes and Ladders against other participant groups and answer several induction-related questions. Players receive several lifelines and redeem options to win against the other participants.


This course was a theme-based blended onboarding eLearning approach. For this course, the theme was futuristic since the content revolves around the induction of new employees to technology function at the bank. All the components follow the same theme in the modules. There were three components of the course:

  • Introductory video
  • ILT decks
  • Board game-based quiz

Participants took part in the multiplayer game feature, a retake on the classic Snakes and Ladders (Product Launch vs. Virus Attack) board game to align it with the induction concept based on digital transformation.

Implementation / Distribution Process

The course starts with a futuristic theme screen that clearly states the bank’s aim to be future-ready with digital transformations. The employees were introduced to the “mission ambassador,” who guided them throughout this induction journey. They were welcomed to futuristic banking with a video on “where the banking will be in the next 100 years” prefaced with a conversational video introduction to set the tone for the rest of the course.

Then they were introduced to the training and its game-based section, divided into nine milestones.Each milestone constituted an important business unit and helped new employees understand how to function properly. This section also successfully explained to participants how the bank had embraced technology towards transformation.

Then they were prompted to select any six teams of choice. Game rules were explained with a subtle hint that the path to the future has both challenges and breakthroughs. Each step supplied a challenge that participants had to complete to move forward on the board. The “chance card” was framed to give players a competitive edge and advantage in the game.

The course further developed and supplied challenging opportunities to the students for the concepts learned. They were then given relevant consecutive assessments, which supply detailed feedback at the end.

Learner Assessment

This onboarding eLearning solution helped employees to think about futuristic capabilities and have the confidence to develop the required digital transformation. The human-centric design with rapid prototyping facilitated the required fintech engagement.

The assessment difficulty ranged from mildly to highly challenging, supporting a healthy balance of questions to both encourage and challenge students at every stage of the course. Assessments were gamified with an ‘activity card’ where participants were given a dedicated task in the form of an assessment and within a limited time. To ensure participants reached the correct solution and learned from the consequences, they were given different lifeline options and activity cards for bonus steps on the board, along with a leaderboard and badges rewarding the winning team/users upon successful completion.

Business Impact

  • Successfully explained each business function and its purpose for digital transformation.
  • Prepared new employees for future banking concepts and breakthroughs.
  • Made employees aware of the range of products and services provided by the bank to its customers globally.
  • Successfully explained the technology and features of the bank and their application.

Ozemio Resources Used

Instructional designers, media experts, subject matter experts, and our quality control team.

Totaling 1,500 work hours.

Program Learning Hours

7+ hours

Number of Modules


Tools & Technology Used
  • Video: Aftereffects
  • Board game: HTML
  • ILT: PowerPoint and PDF
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