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Service Case Study



Business Requirements 

  • Client had an e-learning strategy in-place but had to create learning solutions that aligned to the needs of the learners.
  • As per the needs of the learners, a variety of content had to be created to suit their varying needs.
  • The e-courses had to provide extensive product knowledge as well as impart soft skills to help learners sell better.


  • The learning content had to be created keeping in mind the divergent backgrounds of the learners and thus divergent learning needs/preferences.
  • The content had to be concise but effective, to help leaners grasp knowledge quickly and effectively apply it to work. 
  • In addition, the learners also needed a suitable avenue for learning refreshments as and when required.

Our Solution

  • Sales training module titled ‘Kids Diet Repot’ was designed to train external salesforce. 
  •  Learner-centric courses were designed to fulfil individual training requirements. 
  • An efficient solution-oriented approach was followed to provide the right course at the right time.
  • In addition to text-based content, audio visuals where inserted into the learning content to make it more palatable
  • Downloadable reference material was also included to help learners refresh important topics and use it as a reference tool while making sales calls.


  • Due to the powerful content, learners accessed the e-Learning Portal at least once a week to learn from the courses as per their needs. 
  • Mobile-enabled courses made it easier for learners to access courses anytime and anywhere via their personalized mobile devices. 
  • The downloadable learning material helped them learn as per need as well as to further train new recruits.
  • Audio and images were incorporated with the courses to make them more eye-appealing and understandable.
  • The courses helped employees to learn more as well as sell better.