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Healthcare - Creating Game-based Learning Assessments on Health & Safety Training


A leading provider of coverage to medical professionals, hospitals and healthcare facilities, the client is an innovative market leader based out of New York. It is the second largest professional liability carrier with an exemplary track record of defending physicians and other healthcare professionals against malpractice claims.


Service Case Study



Business Requirement

The Client wanted to provide game-based assessments to aid the health and social care workers in boosting their competencies under specific job roles. They collaborated with to implement an engaging game-based learning approach within an immersive environment to successfully assess competencies related to fire safety, moving & handling, and hazard awareness for their end-users.

The Challenge

With over 5k employees, spread across UK, the client’s challenges included:

  • Training and assessing a widely dispersed workforce
  • An ethnically diverse workforce means language barriers to conducting training and assessments
  • The sensitive nature of services requires compliance-oriented training and critical skills updated at all times for all staff
  • Device-agnostic delivery platform so learners can train anytime, anywhere
  • The need for a 360-degree like training environment to ensure that caregivers are knowledgeable enough medications, processes, and industry-compliant.
  • The requirement of online assessment modules to bridge the compliance gaps.

The Solution

created competency assessments for care home workers (care homes for the elderly). The product adopted an engaging game-based learning approach within an immersive learning environment for the end-users. The single-player game-based learning assessments map different competencies- and can be used as an initial diagnostic assessment or as a refresher.


Benefits include-

  • Mobile-enabled custom eLearning courses were easier to access
  • A certificate/award as well as training recommendations were given to the learner to bridge their competency gaps
  • Adapted training from audio to visual mode to remove language barriers for those leaners not comfortable with English.
  • The game was planned with longevity in mind by making it easy to reuse and update. So, every time a new version of the game is created, it could be designed with different themes and hazards, questions, and scenarios. Consequently, learners could gain new competencies, understand different hazardous situations, and answer related questions.
  • Further, the reusability feature also allowed the client to host the game on different Learning Management Systems, thereby amending the branding/design of the game.


  • The incorporation of games and other objects in 360-degree added more fun and engagement.
  • Increased adoption as learning and assessments were adapted to visual cues rather than audio direction so as to remove language barriers.
  • Enhanced overall engagement throughout the assessment process
  • Accurate monitoring of staff competency in adherence to the industry regulations


The Director of the leading healthcare firm said, “After months of testing and collating feedback, we are thrilled that came up with exceptional online training assessments to manage and deliver effective training on employee health and safety. The tool incorporates the gaming elements that have enhanced overall engagement and presented a digital solution to reflect real-life scenarios that home caregivers face on a daily basis.”

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