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Aviva - Innovative E-learning Module for Insurance Company




Service Case Study


Financial Services

Business Requirements

  • Keeping the needs of the niche-market in mind, the training module needed to be developed in 8 regional languages of India. 
  • The client also wanted the utilization of the module to extend to self learning as well as team learning, where supervisors could assimilate the knowledge and then further train their respective teams. 
  • The client was also keen to explore the utilization of the training module as a marketing tool to reach out to their customers as well.


  • It was also crucial for the client to reach out to their customers within this time frame in order to get the early-entrant advantage and ward off competitors with similar products.
  • Another challenge was the diverse audience profile – different in culture and background. They needed to be trained in their regional languages and the training module needed to have a universal appeal that would bridge the barriers of diverse backgrounds and spread-out geographies.

Our Solution

  • We created a course in one regional language and approved it with the client. In-house language experts were then employed to re-create the approved course in the rest of the languages. In this manner, our team developed training module for 6 products, each in 8 different languages.
  • On-site teams were deployed to closely liaison with the client and smoothen out time-management issues.
  • The course was built with XML codes, to make room for content-updates and changes from time to time. The client’s IT team was apprised on the process of making changes and updating the module.
  • 2D Human figures were introduced in the course who shared information about the company, its background & history, the products and their benefits. The element of conversation was prominent through a series of questions and answers that infused the course with human warmth. 
  • Audio supported the on-screen text and transcripts were made available for in-depth study.
  • Graphical background was developed keeping the rural background in mind, so that the customers could find the necessary connect with the content.
  • The training module set out to uphold the brand ‘Aviva’ with prominent logo positioning and recurring brand colors, so that the sales team could relate more to the brand and in turn, sell more.
  •  A separate version of the module was developed to cater to marketing needs. The length of the course was cut down from 30 minutes to 5 minutes. Audio-voiceovers were changed, and animations were introduced to create interest in the mind of the customer.
  • The training was delivered on a CD, equipped with autorun.exe to ensure that all that the trainee needed to do was insert the CD into a CD ROM and it would play automatically.


  • Multiple courses in different languages were able to cater to the needs of specific markets across India. 
  • The chosen mode of delivery was a CD, which was a cost effective solution to cater to the large number of learners spread across all over India. Security measures were put in place to ensure that the CD could not be copied.
  • Provisions for change enabled prolonged use of the module for training purposes.
  • Two distinct versions of the module were able to address two distinct needs – training and marketing. With some changes in text and audio, the same course was able to deliver training to the sales team and impart knowledge to prospective customers as well. 
  • On the whole, the solution saved the client considerable time and moneys through a cheaper mode of delivery, provisions for extended use over a period of time and for distinct organizational purposes.
  • Due to strict diligence of time-schedule, the client could impart training to their sales team effectively and continuously.
  • We delivered a custom-built solution to suit the needs of the client to ensure that the best cost and time efficiencies were delivered.

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