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Avana - Just-in-time Learning for Varied Audience Profiles




Service Case Study


Information Technology and Services

Business Requirements

  • The client wanted to deliver technology-enabled as well as just-in-time learning, keeping in mind varied audience profiles.
  • They wanted to develop a solution which provided a unique learning experience to aid employees aid in their area of work.


  • To deliver an effective training program which could boost the capacity of the Tourism industry and understand the Chinese travel better. 
  • Another challenge was to create mobile-enabled e-learning courses for audiences who would be frequently away from their desks.

Our Solution

  • We developed training courses with Responsive Web Design (RWD) – making every course Web Responsive. This ensured that course automatically resizes itself and adjusts to the capabilities of the viewing device. 
  • The ‘Welcoming Chinese Visitors’ program was developed using HTML 5 and has an intuitive and user-friendly design. RWD also ensured minimum resizing, panning, and scrolling – so that content was not only available on multiple devices but was altered to suit the screen size and other device capabilities like available bandwidth, screen resolution and so on.
  • There is no need to create or maintain multiple versions of the same courses. The learning experience was strong and effective on any device– be it desktop monitors, or mobile devices. 
  • The courses were also SCORM and Tin Can API compliant, providing pertinent user data always – irrespective of the device choice of the user. This ensured a closer look into learners’ progress. It also enabled custom reporting and analysis – all at the click of a button. 
  • The courses were built with easy navigation and ease-of-use as high priorities. On-screen text was kept minimum and advanced functionalities were built in to highlight images and graphics. In addition, the web-responsive device also supported this design by maintaining uniformity of viewing and reading experience.
  • For further viewing ease, ‘flip cards’ were developed within the course. The viewer was not taken to a different page for smaller descriptions but could just click on relevant images and read short descriptions on the cards. These cards successfully decreased on-screen text and made the user experince hassle-free. 
  • The courses used various strategies for learner reinforcement and practice. These included multiple true and false, multiple choice, and so on. These assessments could be accessed through multiple devices, giving the user the choice to learn and assess whenever he perceives the need.


  • Considering the need to reach out to the learner effectively, the courses had to be interactive and visually appealing to the learner. So, we utilized HTML templates while developing the courses that would render well on multiple devices. This ensured that the courses had a visually appealing and standardized look. 
  • Through the option of mobile delivery, the program achieved this business objective by reaching Australian tourism operators located across the wide spread of the country – even in the remotest of locations. 
  • We also made sure that a variety of mobile devices are made compatible for delivery of content – including smartphones as well as tablets. This opens more options for accessibility and helps increase its reach even more.
  • With RWD, the delivery of the content was uniform across all devices. This ensures that the impact of learning is also uniform, irrespective of the user device. It also adds value to the program, as learners across the country can learn from the same course and enjoy the same experience. This ensures that the knowledge spread is uniform and so is its expected application.
  • The benefits of the implementation were already being witnessed through an increased inflow of Chinese tourists coming to their establishments.
  • Another benefit which clearly reflected was the increase of positive feedback from Chinese tourists after they have experienced the business.