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June 16, 2023
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June 16, 2023

Acer - An Interactive Web-based Training




Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • The client wanted to adopt an engaging training approach to train middle and high-level managers. 
  • The need to deliver personalized training to cater to the pertinent needs of all.


  • To design and deliver effective e-learning courses as per the diverse styles and preferences of intended audiences.
  • To deliver highly effective EOS training and address diverse needs was another challenge.

Our Solution

  • The course was developed keeping the people of the organization in mind and a conscious effort was made to reflect that in the design of the course. 
  • Organizational figures that were easily recognizable by the learners were introduced to take the learners through the course-content.
  • Practical scenarios were demonstrated and played out with a series of dialogue to help the learner gain practical insights. The dialogue was conversational and closely mimicked real-life situations faced by managers.
  • Learner-understanding was also checked from time to time through a series of interactive evaluation tests. The tests were varied – from ‘True and False’ to Multiple choice questions and interactive ‘drag and drop’ exercises.
  • The structure of the course was kept simple and straightforward. Several learner-aids were provided including audio transcripts, glossary of words and a help guide to guide the learner through the course as well as create a sense of self-sufficiency.


  • The areas of high satisfaction were flagged, and efforts were made to ensure that they continue to satisfy the employee on a continued basis. 
  • Special efforts were made to identify and work towards the areas which fared low on satisfaction.
  • With a growing confidence in the utilization of the EOS, participation in the survey also saw a marked increase and candid opinions were encouraged.
  • The EOS training was successful in aligning the learners to the importance and practical utilization of the survey. 
  • This cycle of greater participation, richer data and better actionable plans continued to mark the full utilization of the survey as a tool.