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Yamaha - Responsive E-learning Courses Delivered as Short Nuggets




Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • Yamaha Motors wanted to train their sales employees, Customer service department, dealers and internal staff on sales process, enquiry management system, inside marketing tools, outdoor activities and customer satisfaction.
  • The employees were having basic knowledge, but it was essential to provide advance level training to enhance the overall performance of the employees and dealer network.
  • They wanted to create around 2 hours of eLearning content which would be uploaded on LMS so that training could be accessed by wide range of audience at different geographical locations.


  • The classroom training was very expensive. Arranging for trainers, setting up classroom trainings and other logistics were much more expensive for them. Hence, they wanted to go the eLearning way.
  • ELearning in English would be well received in south zone, but audience in North India needed localized version.

Our Solution

  • Ozemio recommended to create courses which were compatible as well as responsive on laptops, desktops, mobile phones, as well as tablets that would cater to their wide range of audience.
  • Training course was divided into six or seven modules of approximately 15 minutes of nugget. Smaller modules/nuggets could smoothly run on all the devices especially mobile devices.
  • Localization in Hindi language was done for North India audience.
  • Hinglish version was also created where the OSTs were in English and the audio in Hindi.
  • Ozemio did some outstanding work including content aggregation, 2D and 3D illustrations, Tables, animations, simulations and video editing effects.


  • Yamaha could deliver training to wide range of audience at reduced cost, efforts and time.
  • The delivery of mobile-enabled courses helped learners to undergo training at their own pace of time and convenience. 
  • Training were completed quickly – around 5000 employees completed the training in a month’s time. 
  • It became easy to share feedback and modules were updated on a quicker pace based on the requirements of the training.
  • Simulations and animations optimized the overall engagement and retention levels of intended learners.