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June 11, 2024
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How Ozemio Revolutionized Onboarding for a Global Client with Digital Solutions


A leading global French shipping company. The client meticulously designs and implements intelligent solutions for transporting their customers’ cargo across the supply chain.


Onboarding Solutions


Management Consulting


  • Create an engaging and seamless onboarding experience through digitalization for new and transitioning employees.
  • To support the ongoing structural and policy transition with relevant course content curation.
  • Foster an understanding of Global Business Services' (GBSI) role in managing the client's key business processes, its values, culture, and initiatives.


  • Ozemio offered a story-based interactive learning experience with an impactful onboarding learning solution.
  • To reduce information overload, Ozemio proposed an interactive, media-rich onboarding program comprising 10–20-minute micro nuggets.
  • To boost engagement and understanding of GBSI, various media elements like illustrations, photos, animations, and videos were leveraged.
  • To allow the learners to practice what they’d learned, Ozemio used scenario-based knowledge-checks throughout the course, thus fostering active participation and improved decision-making skills.

Benefits and Impact 

  • 80% boost in knowledge retention and recall.
  • 75% improved understanding among employees of GBSI’s roles.
  • 70% increase in onboarding efficiency with seamless employee integration.