Empowering Clinical Research Associates with Simulation Learning  
June 11, 2024
Enable Medical Diagnosis Accuracy with Ozemio’s Tailored Solution 
April 25, 2024

Improving Workplace Safety with Gamified Learning for Business


An American supplier of analytical instruments, specialty diagnostics, life science solutions, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and biotechnology services. Their customer base includes commercial laboratories and hospitals across the globe. The organization’s mission is to enable these customers to make the world a healthier, cleaner, and safer place.


Custom Content


Life Science and Medical Equipment


  • A global leader in the life science industry aimed to create awareness among the employees and contractors on the importance of life safety rules while minimizing accidents and casualties.
  • The organization wanted their learners to demonstrate active participation and effective knowledge retention on safety protocols.


  • Ozemio enabled learners to absorb, learn, fail, and upskill themselves through the process of effective decision-making with a scenario-based learning approach.
  • Integrating gamified elements like knowledge checks and feedback mechanisms to leverage subconscious learning, thereby closing feedback loops and boosting knowledge retention.
  • Increasing workforce preparedness against potential safety risks with visually rich medias, localized content, and highly engaging learning modules, thus ensuring active learning.

Benefits and Impact 

  • 80% boost in workforce awareness on the importance of life-saving rules as part of safety protocol.
  • 70% decrease in casualties and accidents with the active adoption of safety protocols by workforces.
  • 70% improvement in decision-making skills among workforces, leading to a safe work environment.
  • 50% increased knowledge retention among workforces with bespoke content integrated into gamified learning solutions.