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May 21, 2024
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April 25, 2024

Enable Medical Diagnosis Accuracy with Ozemio's Tailored Solution


A regional medical professional liability insurer with a commitment to support practice, groups or facilities with their liability insurance needs.


Customer Experience Training



  • A leading medical professional liability insurer in New York aimed at empowering and upskilling physicians and healthcare professionals.
  • The objective of the learning solutions was to create engaging learning modules for seamless knowledge acquisitions and retention.
  • Another major objective of the course was to foster deep understanding among employees on independent variables that influence diagnostic processes to ensure accurate diagnosis.


Engagement Model 

Ensuring complete engagement with details on cognitive biases, possible diagnostic errors and medical decision-making. Streamlining the process of knowledge delivery to make learning a natural outcome

Engagement Process 

Offering knowledge on cognitive biases with a streamlined process focused at highlighting the primary six factors that could influence diagnostic process. Using clips by renowned industry leaders, highlighting factors that result in cognitive biases, using case studies that are skill-specific and offering relevant feedback as part of the process. 

Progress Analysis 

Testing the learner’s understanding on cognitive biases and the process of deriving diagnostic accuracy. Using specialty-specific case studies that encourage learners to implement the newly the acquired knowledge. 

Benefits & Impact 

  • 90% of learners were able to retain and apply the knowledge learnt in real-life scenarios that helped in driving positive outcomes.
  • 75% of the supervisors saw an increase in accuracy diagnosis conducted by learners with a decrease in cognitive biases among them. 
  • 72% increase in customer satisfaction was experienced after the program was implemented. 
  • 50% boost in organization’s overall productivity with an empowered and upskilled talent pool.