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April 25, 2024
Empowering PD Patients Through Effective Learning with Ozemio!
March 14, 2024

Ozemio: Equipping Employee’s with In-depth Understanding on Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) Systems


A pioneer in the Oil and Energy industry with the vision to deliver value in a safe, sustainable and reliable manner.




Oil and Energy

  • A leading organization in the oil and energy industry aimed to equip their workforces with required knowledge and skills on CCC systems to enhance operational efficiency.
  • The objective of the learning solutions was to enable new hires and seasoned experts to understand the techniques and tools used when working with compressor stations to ensure safety.
  •  The organizations sought to create an engaging and interactive learning solution to equip workforces with relevant knowledge without overwhelming them.


  • Enabling complete employee engagement with details on CCC systems, software and the various tools, techniques and processes used while working with compressor stations.
  • Upskilling workforces with interactive modules that leverage elements like illustrations, animations, actual screenshots and photographs of the software to enable practical knowledge applications.
  •  Creating a culture of continuous learning for the client with reflective quizzes, comprehensive assessments and engaging interactivity.

Benefits & Impact 

  • 80% of the workforce became aware of the CCC systems and were able to work confidently with them.
  • 40% drop in training costs for organizations with the implementation of these self-paced learning modules.
  • 50% reduction in dependency on subject matter experts with scalable learning solutions.