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January 3, 2024
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April 15, 2023

Game-based eLearning simulation upskills, motivates and revitalizes sales teams for multi-national laundry systems giant


An American multinational company and one of the largest providers of commercial laundry in the world. Headquartered in United States, the company has over a hundred brands under their name.




Pharmaceuticals, Biotech

Business Objective

The program was built in response to a sales shortfall. To combat this, leadership wanted a training program that would:

  • Empower, upskill and motivate sales employees to revitalize the team.
  • Train employees across all stages of the sales process and customer journey.
  • Manage customer expectations and provide relevant, high-quality recommendations to customers based on the company’s massive range of products.

Learning Objective

  • Empower old and new employees to quickly master the company’s new Track Selling program.
  • Ensure that employees in sales teams can effectively pitch, create empathy, handle objections, and close sales.
  • Create a future-proof training program that will be used for future trainees as well to ensure all employees are comfortable with the Track Selling system.

Learner Profile with Number of Learners

Global sales teams

Approx. 1,000 individuals.

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy

The program focuses educating employees through building comfort and experience with the Track Selling system, utilizing the following techniques:

  • Gamified Learning with both knowledge delivery and assessment conducted using gamification techniques, puzzles, and scoreboards.
  • Cognitive Load Theory utilizing progressively complex concepts to build a foundation before discussing more complex objections and customers.
  • Constructivist Learning Theory, encouraging learners to think proactively with relatable customer concerns that learners must handle.


In response to a sales team struggling to maintain performance, our client partnered with Ozemio to create a training program that would revitalize their sales teams and dramatically change the workplace attitude.

The content worked to bolster morale and improve sales techniques by presenting Roy Chitwood's Track Selling principles in a fun and interactive way across sales teams.

Ozemio took a 63 year old sales technique, which is a seven step approach and created the curriculum in a contemporary approach by using a theme of an imaginary planet Utopia where the sales person will learn how to sell a hypersonic, flying car with the use of an experiential approach to first educate the learners about the seven steps of the Track Selling System and letting them applying the information that they learnt in a scenario based environment. This was designed to get salespeople, many of whom were demotivated by selling the same products every day, to start thinking out of the box. The sales techniques taught were universal, so the training would apply to the company’s laundry systems while maintaining the fun of a fantastical product.

Implementation / Distribution Process

The Track Selling Curriculum was built in Articulate Storyline and published in HTML5, and uses futuristic custom graphics, with videos and gamified exercises blended into a fun and effective eLearning program. The underlying principles of Track Selling, developed by Roy Chitwood, are universal steps applicable to any sales process regardless of industry or product, so with the help of several subject matter experts, our instructional designers built a simulated, futuristic sales environment where learners needed to understand the features of a fictional supersonic flying car, then sell that car to prospective buyers who had specific needs, personalities, and objections that learners tackled using Roy Chitwood's track selling procedure.

Each module covers one of the many stages in the Track Selling process, culminating with a total understanding of the system in a way that is applicable to any sales technique for any product. Motivated and encouraged, employees are sent through one final assessment before completing the course.

Learner Assessment

Each of the eight modules was concluded by a simulated, interactive assessment involving a mock client. Employees were also allowed to retry the assessment until they succeeded.

The assessment difficulty ranged from mildly to highly challenging, maintaining a healthy balance of questions to both encourage and push learners at every stage of the course.

Business Impact

  • Over 60% of learners showed a sales dollar increase of over 25% after the training.
  • 88% of learners noted that they were selling a wider variety of products than before the training.
  • 96% of learners stated they were noticeably more successful with client sales.
  • 90% of participants rated the Track Selling program as better than any other sales program they had ever attended.
  • 98% claimed that they still actively and regularly use the skills they learned in the program over a year later.

Ozemio expert team

Instructional Designers, Media Experts, Subject Matter Experts, and our Quality Control team. Totalling at 2394 work hours.

Program Learning Hours

4 hours

Number of Modules


Post Learning Support


Tools & Technology Used

Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Flash, Javascript

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