Improving Workplace Safety with Gamified Learning for Business 
May 21, 2024

Empowering Clinical Research Associates with Simulation Learning


A global full-service clinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) focuses on partnering with various biotech companies to accelerate the process of developing advanced and novel therapeutics at every phase. As a biotech specialist, they offer clinical development services to their clients across the gamut of clinical trials.


Simulation-Based Innovative Learning




  • The client is a pioneer in the clinical industry, committed to delivering high-quality client trials aimed at equipping their Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) with relevant skills to enhance the efficiency of the clinical trial monitoring process.
  •  They aimed to upskill their CRAs with an increased level of expertise to solve complex clinical issues, be proficient in critical thinking, and maintain a good clinical practice overall.
  • They further aimed to ensure the CRAs possessed the requisite knowledge on regulatory guidelines, while maintaining security. 
  • The organization also aimed to offer comprehensive learning to their CRAs, thus equipping them with a deep understanding on various tools that help to deliver high-quality visit reports.


  • To allow learners to learn, test, and apply knowledge in a safe virtual learning environment that includes practicing and then learning from failure in order to improve their critical decision-making skills, Ozemio offered highly-engaging virtual learning simulative solutions.
  • To boost learner engagement for effective knowledge acquisition and foster subconscious learning, we integrated interactive elements like MCQ, MMCQ, hotspot interactivity, and two-way interactivity within the learning process. 
  • To foster effective problem-solving skills and avoid cognitive overload, we offered customized learning solutions integrated with game-based elements like rewards and badges that further improved knowledge retention and recall.

Benefits and Impact 

  • 80% boost in efficiency with respect to clinical trials. 
  • 70% improvement in compliance policy adherence and understanding among workforces.
  • 50% effective execution of monitoring activities in hospital sites.