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ITC Ltd - Gamified Induction Programs for Better Engagement and Retention


ITC Ltd.




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Business Requirements

  • Client wanted to deliver online induction programs for Assistant Managers and above levels. 
  • They wanted to provide mobile-enabled e-courses to ensure just-in-time training delivery.  
  • They also wanted to boost the overall employee engagement and retention levels.


  • The existing classroom-based sessions were lengthy and boring. 
  • There was a need to create training courses for desktops, laptops and other mobile devices. 
  • It was difficult to share training content over the cloud platform because of the Information Security policies.

Our Solution

  • Online courses were gamified by including elements such as badges, scores & avatars.
  • HTML5 was used to design effective e-courses, customized to the training needs of intended audiences.
  • Online courses were accessible within the Intranet network, across personalized smartphones, laptops and desktops.
  • A separate application was designed which could be installed on a specific system to store data and track individual progress.


  • Gamified online induction programs boosted the overall learner participation and knowledge levels.
  • Scores & Badges followed by gift hampers encouraged the employees to learn more and perform better.
  • Employees were able to learn at their own pace with the accessibility of training courses on their personalized mobile devices.
  • The added application was provided in replacement to LMS, thereby helping to track learners’ progress without affecting the security protocols.

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