ITC Ltd – Gamified Induction Programs for Better Engagement and Retention
April 15, 2023
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April 15, 2023

SCB- Incorporating Interactive Videos, Scenarios, and Games with E-courses







Business Requirements

  • The client wanted to impart training to employees located across different demographics.
  • They wanted to train their workforce on changing industry compliances adequately.


  • To train the globally dispersed workforce was time-consuming and expensive for banks and financial organizations.
  • With an increase in the number of new hires to meet organizational needs, induction training became a challenge.
  • The need to spend considerable amounts in training employees on changing industry regulations.
  • The pressure to deliver the right kind of services to the right type of customers.

Our Solution

  • We created highly engaging e-learning courses to cater to the bespoke learning needs of the modern workforce.
  • Interactive videos, engaging games, and scenarios were incorporated with training courses to deliver a fun-filled experience.
  • Instructional design strategies such as case studies and scenarios were used to impart effective online compliance training.
  • Pre-learning and Co-learning programs were used to entice the entire workforce training experience.


  • Delivery of short chunks of training content across personalized mobile devices helped employees to learn at their point of need, even on the go.
  • The incorporation of engaging games and videos boosted overall workforce engagement and knowledge retention.
  • The delivery of training content as interactive scenarios and case studies helped the employees to learn about updated organizational policies.
  • Badges and scores were also included to make training more fun and engaging.
  • The adoption of self-paced e-learning strategies helped to improve workforce efficiency, manage regulatory issues, boost customer satisfaction, and achieve optimal results.