Ozemio: Fostering Preparedness & Resilience Among Talent Pool!
March 11, 2024

Empowering PD Patients Through Effective Learning with Ozemio!


A healthcare pioneer committed to giving patients and healthcare providers the required resources and innovative products necessary to improve care. Specifically, the client assisted Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) patients through their treatment journey by empowering them with the desired knowledge and skills to administer home self-care.


Customer Training Program



Business Requirements:
  • Providing a flexible and interactive learning module that enables patients to conduct home self-care.
  • Creating a readily-accessible repository for both caregivers and patients.
  • Equipping employees with the necessary resources to support PD patient training. 


  • Designing relatable and easily understood modules for people of varied age groups and locations.
  • Engaging both the PD patients and their caregivers to ensure that learning becomes a natural outcome.
  • Offering targeted solutions that provide the requisite knowledge to empower patients and healthcare providers to enable home self-care.
  • Fostering among patients a sense of accountability for their health to reduce PD-related complications.


Having carefully analyzed the requirements and challenges of the client, Ozemio offered them holistic yet targeted learning solutions for their patients to ensure safe self-administration of home PD therapy. These bite-sized and localized solutions utilized custom content to increase relatability among learners, thus increasing their confidence to independently conduct PD therapies at home. Learning was eased with a cloud-based learning platform that could be accessed from any location. 

Thus, Ozemio’s learning solutions proved both informative and engaging by employing various forms of multimedia including:

  • Videos – Videos created based on frequently asked questions ensured optimal curated learning.
  • Handouts- PDF posters enabled PD patients and caregivers to quickly refresh their knowledge.
  • Quizzes- Quizzes and topic-based metrics encouraged the future planning of PD educational materials by reinforcing learned information and evaluating already acquired PD knowledge.

Benefits & Impact 

  • Ozemio’s flexible bite-sized modules instilled trust among learners to independently conduct PD therapy at home.
  • By facilitating on-demand self-learning, we ensured that learning could occur anywhere, thus encouraging PD patients and caregivers to learn at their own pace.
  • With our cloud-based, localized, and customized learning modules, we empowered patients with the requisite knowledge to conduct PD therapy at home, thus reducing dependency on nursing and clinics.
  • Topic-based metrics facilitated the planning of future PD training materials to spread awareness among patients.


To sum it up, Ozemio provided the client with tailored learning solutions that fostered confidence among the learners to conduct independent PD therapy at home. Via videos, quizzes, and handouts, we made learning both informative and engaging, thus equipping PD patients and caregivers with the desired resources without overwhelming them. Hence, Ozemio instilled confidence among the patients by placing vital information at their fingertips through flexible and on-demand learning modules. On the whole, Ozemio’s association with the client allowed them to empower PD patients to be accountable and responsible for their health, thus promoting self-care.