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March 14, 2024
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March 4, 2024

Ozemio: Fostering Preparedness & Resilience Among Talent Pool!


A leading professional services firm specializing in real estate and investment management who employs advanced technology to create rewarding opportunities, amazing space, and suitable real estate solutions for their clients and communities.


Competencies and Skill Development 


Real Estate

Business Requirements:
  • Building a Resilient Workforce: Increasing vigilance and preparedness among the workforce to act effectively in emergencies.
  • Spreading Awareness to Avoid Risks: Securing the safety of the workforce and properties, thus minimizing potential risks through impactful training. 
  • Acquiring and Retaining Knowledge: Empowering the workforce to absorb and retain the entirety of knowledge.


  • Interactively presenting the basic information to increase learner engagement and thereby ensure safety awareness.
  • Creating a flexible learning module that can be accommodated into the learner’s busy schedule.
  • Designing a module that ensures learning by fostering an understanding of how to implement the acquired knowledge.
  • Heightening preparedness among workforces for unforeseen circumstances to make them future ready.


  • Spaced Learning: Beating the forgetting curve by offering bite-size learning nuggets that enable learners to retain and actively recall information on policies and procedures.
  • Immersive Learning: Offering an immersive and effective learning experience by incorporating engaging videos, icons, and infographics that include tailored content for web-based learning.
  • Learning On-the-Move: Enabling learning from anywhere with self-paced, flexible learning modules.
  • Realistic Simulations: Encouraging prompt decision-making and actions with videos that resemble real-life accidents, thus enhancing emergency preparedness.

Benefits & Impact 

  • Safe Culture: Ozemio created awareness among the workforce about potential emergencies and safety policies thus fostering a safer working environment. 
  • Enlightened Workforce: Creating an aware and vigilant workforce throughtailored learning modules that foster among learners a sound knowledge of the policies and safety measures.
  • Resourceful Repository: Making learners confident appliers of emergency preparedness and crisis management policies through flexible and engaging learning modules.
  • Steadfast Workforce: The workforce’s ability to retain and effectively apply knowledge during emergencies made them resilient to future challenges. 


To conclude, Ozemio assisted the client in increasing the competency of their workforce by upskilling them through tailored and engaging learning solutions, thus increasing the workforce's preparedness to act effectively during emergencies. Ozemio’s engagement with the client also led to the creation of a learning environment that allowed employees to upskill themselves, further resulting in learners becoming resilient and future-ready with adept knowledge of the policies and procedures related to Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management.