Sports committee for people with learning disabilities develops training for security and medical staff to help respond to athletes with disability
April 15, 2023
SCB- Incorporating Interactive Videos, Scenarios, and Games with E-courses
April 15, 2023

Sports committee creates program to educate athletes with learning disabilities on how to maintain their physical and mental health


International sports committee that has celebrated athletic ability in individuals with learning disabilities for over 50 years.





Business Objective

The program was created by a sports committee dedicated to helping and celebrating athletes with special needs and learning disabilities. The primary business objective was to create an easy-to-understand program that was memorable and interactive that teaches learners how to manage nutrition habits, exercise habits, and other healthy practices. The program’s primary goal was to be inclusive of people with learning disabilities, giving them a resource that they can comfortably digest and that is respectful to their needs.

The program additionally discusses the importance of learner athletes’ mental health, including expressing the importance of standing up for their own rights and the rights of others with intellectual disabilities (IDs), encouraging them to become champions for others with IDs and build their self-confidence.

Based on the feedback we received, our program succeeded in both these requirements, guiding learners to live richer lives with better physical and mental health.

Learning Objective

The program uses an interactive, gamified approach, with input from psychologists, nutritionists, professional trainers and medical professionals, as well as psychologists, care workers, and several athletes themselves.

The program guides learners through a full day with a well-defined schedule involving good nutrition, healthy exercise, and enough time for social interaction, rest and recreation. A simple, colourful interface makes the content easy to understand and follow as learners navigate through healthy habits like good nutrition and balanced workouts.

The course additionally espouses the importance of a healthy state of mind, and tackles issues like depression and anxiety or dealing with bigotry and ableism in a way that is tactful, respectful, and optimistic. The course highlights the importance of athletes and other learners to take care of their mental health and cultivate self-confidence, finally championing learners to be kind, helping others with intellectual disabilities who might need their help.

Learner Profile with Number of Learners

Athletes with learning disabilities worldwide.

Primary target of over 7,500 individuals with potential for reaching out to many more.

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy

The program focuses on educating employees through building comfort and experience with company policies and procedures, new and old, utilizing the following techniques:

  • Game Based Learning with interactive gamified content and assessments that give learners an opportunity to express their learning in tactile ways and receive enthusiastic encouragement for their successes
  • Cognitive Load Theory utilizes progressively complex concepts to build a foundation before discussing more complex objections and customers.
  • Modular Learning that segregates learning programs into several short modules that can be taken separately or in succession, allowing participants to customize the pace of their learning and pick and choose modules based on their unique learning requirements and what they already know.


Our client partnered with Ozemio to create a training program that serves a very particular niche. While health training programs are far from uncommon, it is very difficult to find any that are friendly to individuals with learning disabilities without being disrespectful. In this way, Ozemio’s solution serves as an example of inclusion, packaging this information in a way that involves people who have often been excluded from conversations on physical and mental health and fitness to join the discussion.

The course takes the learner through multiple levels, each focusing on an important aspect of their health and fitness, Nutrition and Hydration, Advocacy for Self and Others, Healthy Relationships, Fitness, Stress Management, and Healthy Sleep Techniques in a fun and interesting manner, making the learner actually want to learn the content.

Implementation / Distribution Process

The modules were designed and built using Articulate Storyline, with all assets built by our award-winning instructional designers. The content was vetted by experts from our client organization as well as nutritionists and psychologists trained in supporting individuals with learning disabilities.

The game, which plays in first person, gives the leaner control to make their own decisions and choices throughout the game, and the learner is never punished for incorrect choice. Moreover, in some instances, there are no wrong answers, showing the learner that their choices and opinions matter and are correct, and as always, are valued.

Learner Assessment

Assessments were gamified and included symbols and heuristics that athletes were already comfortable with, including measuring and rewarding success on any given module through medals – bronze, silver, and gold – and ribbons that motivate and encourage learners for choosing to live healthily.

An important part of the element of inclusion was the removal of any time-bound segments. We wanted to ensure that, while learners felt encouraged to apply themselves, they never felt rushed or strained, and could move through the program at their own pace.

Business Impact

  • 65% of learners not currently signed with our client stated that they were more interested in professional liability insurance after the training.
  • 98% of learners stated that the training program was easy to understand and follow.
  • 95% of learners rated the program as more informative and educational than any other eLearning program they had attended.

Ozemio Resources Used

Instructional Designers, Media Experts, Language Specialists, Subject Matter Experts, and our Quality Control team.

Totalling at 2286 work hours.

Program Learning Hours

2 hours

Number of Modules


Tools & Technology Used

Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Flash, JavaScript

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