Using simulated learning solutions to evoke mastery of CRM and organizational values
April 15, 2023
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April 15, 2023

Technical training through interactive eLearning streamlines a global biotech giant’s sales process and documentation.


A German multinational company and one of the largest biotech companies in the world. Headquartered in Germany, the company has been a leader in pharma, life, and crop sciences for over a century.




Pharmaceuticals, Biotech

Business Objective

The program was built in response to a massive corporate merger. To streamline this, leadership wanted a training program that would:

  • Standardize data and streamline the required change management to create a unified customer experience.
  • Train employees across all stages of the supply chain to take advantage of the company’s new Salesforce initiative.
  • Manage customer expectations and provide relevant, high-quality recommendations to customers based on the company’s massive suite of data.
  • Improve the overall customer experience.

Learning Objective

  • Empower old and new employees to quickly master the new Salesforce system to both create and follow the company’s new CRM.
  • Ensure that employees in sales, distribution, and customer service can quickly identify each customer’s journey and troubleshoot concerns across it.
  • Create a future-proof training program that will be used for future onboardings as well to ensure all employees are comfortable with the company’s documentation procedures.

Learner Profile with Number of Learners

All client employees internationally across the crop science branch.Approx. 30,000 individuals.

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy

The program focuses educating employees through building awareness both theoretically and with practical examples, then goes into details about actionable goals employees can move towards, encouraging them to do so, utilizing the following techniques:

Adult Learning Principles with content designs specifically built to relate to the roles and responsibilities of the target audience

  • Cognitive Load Theory utilizing progressively complex concepts to build a foundation before discussing the depth of the issue.
  • Constructivist Learning Theory, encouraging learners to think proactively by showcasing real-world scenarios where people have made real, actionable change.


With the acquisition of a massive crop science firm in June 2018, our client’s crop science division, previously the smallest of its three primary industries, had suddenly become its largest. To help streamline this merger, the company migrated from older, less centralized systems to a unified Salesforce-based CRM. The new Salesforce CRM promised to provide cross-functional insights and reporting with actionable data dashboards, customer-centric automation like proactive customer interaction, and massively simplified collaboration across functions.

Ozemio needed to create a comprehensive, globally applicable, and future-proof training program designed to educate trainees on how to perform the technical functions of the Salesforce software and on the CRM's many benefits to the customer journey, and ensure employees can better organize the massive quantities of data to advise on how specific crops will interact with weather, fertilizers, and soil conditions in specific areas to help clients, typically farmers and agriculturalists, pick the best crops for their fields’ specific conditions.

Implementation / Distribution Process

The program was split into microlearning segments to make it easier for learners to pick up content flexibly around their work schedule.

The first module, Introduction to Salesforce Service Cloud, details the many benefits of a Salesforce CRM system. The module consists of videos that explore the many conveniences employees and customers gain from the company's adoption of the Salesforce CRM.

The second through sixth modules, each designed to be completed independently and in any order, were simulation-based modules. Through these modules, learners could understand how specific aspects of the Salesforce CRM worked. The training used application-level, practical training with gamified, high-engagement formative assessments and focused on troubleshooting. Each module concluded with a summary of the module's lessons for easier revision.

Besides the six primary modules, Ozemio developed additional troubleshooting scenarios and gamified practice exercises to help learners adopt many of the program's lessons. This additional content served to further customize the program towards those who want more guidance.

Learner Assessment

Each of the six modules was concluded by a simulated, interactive assessment involving a mock client, ensuring learners experience applicable, real-world scenarios as an evaluation. Employees were also allowed to retry the assessment until they succeeded.

The assessment difficulty ranged from mildly to highly challenging, maintaining a healthy balance of questions to both encourage and push learners at every stage of the course.

Business Impact

  • Training deployment has become faster with 293 orientations and 152 online eLearn launches done in Germany alone.
  • Online Test completed for more than 95% dealer sales staff.
  • 10,000+ users are regularly being trained on 32 eLearning modules while capturing the training data for each user.
  • The entire training MIS has been uploaded on the LMS, making decision making faster.
  • The system provides on-the-go learning along with On-Job-Evaluation (OJE) module to make training strategies more accessible and agile.
  • Provide accessibility to all 83 countries in which the client does business, both modules were translated into eight different languages.
  • Streamlined a massive change management initiative to bring teams from different working environments together post-merger.
  • Optimize the company’s design structure and customer experience, with almost immediate positive results in customer satisfaction and sales numbers.
  • Boost our client’s brand and reputation.

Ozemio Resources Used

Instructional Designers, Media Experts, Subject Matter Experts, and our Quality Control team.

Totalling at 2511 work hours.

Program Learning Hours

4.5 hours

Number of Modules


Post Learning Support


Tools & Technology Used

Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Flash, Javascript