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April 15, 2023
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June 16, 2023

Using simulated learning solutions to evoke mastery of CRM and organizational values


A multinational organization headquartered in Germany, focused on shaping agriculture with breakthrough innovations for benefit of farmers, consumers, and planet. They provide a range of products and services to enable sustainable agriculture for farmers worldwide.




 Food & Beverage

Business Objective

  • Onboard new users to Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  •  Serve as refresher for experienced CRM users.

Learning Objective

  • Empower individuals in aligning with strategic business focus of Customer Service
  •  Train users to use CRM to its optimal value
  • Generate interest of users to comprehensively learn about CRM
  • Enhance their functional skills and, eventually,business acumen.

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy

An effective team can pave its own way and increase the value of a company. An impactful video induction program on CRM was designed by Ozemio to train new and existing employees in an organization where trust, commitment, and value are represented in the way they do business across the globe. This helps them employees gain the insight into the behavior of customers to further enhance the customer experience.

  • Keller’s ARCS Model: The ARCS model is a problem-solving approach developed by Keller. There are four categories used to gain learners’ motivation for learning: Attention, Relevance, Confidence, and Satisfaction (ARCS).
  • Microlearning nuggets to suit the job style and enhance learning retention of concepts and transfer of learned concepts, to the job.


The client’s belief in science and innovation to solve current and future challenges must be inherent throughout the course. Furthermore, the learning program needs to add to the value of commitment the organization has for their customers, products, and communities. This program is an assorted package of carefully selected learning elements weaved in the framework of the engage – involve –practice and evaluate principle. The program generates and retains the interest of new hires through engagement and involvement in meaningful interactivities

Implementation / Distribution Process

This customized game-based eLearning solution course uses simulation, interesting videos, animations, and infographics. The course starts with a splash screen to capture the learners’ attention. Then they are routed to objectives for the course, setting a clear focus with transparent information.

The course goes on to provide challenging opportunities for the learners to further develop the concepts learned. They are then taken to relevant consecutive assessments, providing detailed feedback at the end. This diagnostic approach of feedback offers an interesting knowledge check for learners. Practicing in this safe, simulated environment with indicative feedback prepares the learner for each consequence of their decisions taken during the course and prepares them well in advance for on-the-job activities.

Learner Assessment

The assessment’s difficulty ranged from mildly to highly challenging, maintaining a healthy balance of questions to both encourage and push learners at every stage of the course.This assorted package of carefully selected learning elements weaved in the framework of the engage – involve – practice and evaluate principle has successfully achieved the client’s satisfaction, developed realistic situations, and enabled practical application of learning in a safe, simulated environment.

Business Impact

  • Successfully familiarized learner with CRM
  • Provided better retention of concepts
  • Able to transfer the learned concepts on the job
  • Evoked mastery with practice.

Ozemio Resources Used

Instructional designers, media experts, subject matter experts, and our quality control team

Totaling 1,500 work hours