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June 16, 2023
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Mercedes-Benz - Visually-appealing E-learning Content for Diverse Audiences




Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • To cater to diversified of employees spread across different locations. 
  • To build a workforce which is more competent and skilled. 
  • To effectively train an extended network of dealers.


  • Diverse audience profiles from workers to the managers and supervisors – designing separate learning courses for diverse audiences was costly and time-consuming. 
  • To design visually-appealing courses that cater to the needs of marketing team. 
  • To provide crisp content, which is easy to access and retain.

Our Solution

  • Custom-designed visually-appealing courses were delivered to enhance learner engagement and retention. 
  • Interactive graphics were embedded to understand the content in a better way.
  • Navigation buttons such as Help, Home, Previous and Next buttons helped to access the courses with ease.  
  • Audio was included to explain the content in a scenario-based manner. 
  • Storyline was used as an authoring tool to include attractive animations and facilitate engagement.


  • Different modules were designed to meet the ever-changing needs of huge personnel.
  • Audios and videos incorporated with online courses helped to enhance the level of engagement and collaboration between learners and trainers.
  • The media-rich online courses were designed with different user-interfaces, leading to increasing the interest of learners in accessing more courses without any hassle of going anywhere. 
  • The duration of each learning module was reduced to 15-20 minutes, thereby saving a lot of time and effort of the salesforce. As a result, it improved learning efficiency, knowledge retention and workplace productivity. 
  • The courses were very effective (approx.78.95%) in meeting diverse training objectives.
  • When asked whether the text and images included in the course were visible, 100% employees replied ‘yes’. 
  • 72.22% of learners found the courses very engaging.
  • Around 26.32% learners found it quite easy to access the course, while 73.68% found it very easy.
  • 100% of employees said that the information in the course was easy to understand.