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April 15, 2023
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April 15, 2023

High-Profile legal insurance firm builds Video Learning program that guides clients through the complications of the medical malpractice lawsuit process


One of New York State’s best professional liability insurance firms, serving as its premier medical malpractice lawsuit handler for decades. Headquartered in Roslyn, NY, USA, the company has an equity of over 40 million USD.




BFSI, Legal

Business Objective

The program was designed to ensure the complexity of medical law will no longer be seen as insurmountable. The course is designed to be fully accessible on any device, in any location, and at any time, ensuring that the course is inclusive to physicians with hectic schedules or awkward working hours.

The course is additionally designed to be highly engaging since physicians and other working professionals have to struggle between the attention they give to their jobs, their families, and courses like these. Our program was able to comfortably satisfy these demands and ensures that every slide makes the practical implications extremely clear, with each case study moulded specifically to further highlight our client’s commitment to the practicality of the course and the end of misinformation on the topic of medical law so that our client physicians can comfortably focus on the well-being of their patients knowing that they are well taken care of.

Learning Objective

Each scenario is designed to feel real and relatable, with the information given regarding the full scope of the situation. Learners go through the scenario from the hospital to the underwriting to claims management, and finally, assess the defensibility of a malpractice claim. Scenarios are also coupled with a Cognitive Autopsy – a root cause analysis of the medical decision-making involved in the treatment that helps them understand the signs of a high-risk situation. The course additionally stresses the importance of physician wellness, emphasizing how important it is for a physician to take care of their own mental and physical well-being for their own benefit and the benefit of their patients.

Learner Profile with Number of Learners

Current and potential client physicians and nurses, as well as new joiners unfamiliar with the industry process.

The potential target of over 50,000 individuals.

Learning Principles/ Approach/ Strategy

The program focuses on educating employees through building comfort and experience with company policies and procedures, new and old, utilizing the following techniques:

  • Video-Based Learning with both knowledge delivery and assessment is conducted using interactive videos and personalized avatars to create immersion in animated simulations.
  • Cognitive Load Theoryutilizes progressively complex concepts to build a foundation before discussing more complex objections and customers.
  • Constructivist Learning Theoryencourages learners to think proactively with relatable customer concerns that learners must handle.


In response to a capable but disconnected workforce with difficulty picking up standardized initiatives promptly, our client partnered with Ozemio to create a training program that would ensure that training initiatives for pilots, cabin crew, and others could be quickly and effectively distributed to all applicable employees worldwide.

The content worked to create excitement and bolster morale by using interactive demonstrations and showcasing solutions to real, practical customer problems in a fun and interactive way.

Ozemio created a series of 8 different micro-modules, each designed to be completed in under 15 minutes. The modules were separated into clearly defined categories, from handling passenger complaints to health and safety measures for both crew safety and passenger safety to exceptional cases and how to handle them. The modules contained a combination of reviews and new information.

Assessments were gamified and included customer-facing demonstrations, with the decisions of cabin crew in these hypothetical situations graded based on whether they solved the passenger's problem and whether they were in line with the company's core values. The training was localized across dozens of languages with help from translators and local-language subject matter experts to ensure that nothing was lost in translation.

Implementation / Distribution Process

The modules were designed and built using Articulate Storyline, with videos designed in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and then published in HTML5. The training used vibrant graphics in company colours, with videos and gamified quizzes blended into a fun and effective eLearning program

Each module covers a different mock client as the learner navigates through the difficult task of being the CMO of the fictitious insurance firm present within the eLearning program. Learners are expected to research the situation, speak to the client, navigate the dynamics at play and make sound decisions in each case. All the while they are guided by the program to understand each step of the legal process involved in each medical malpractice lawsuit they handle.

Learner Assessment

Each module was concluded by an interactive feedback session detailing the decisions made by the learner and the kinds of complications that might have caused, followed by a legal expert discussing the correct course of action and a few examples of how such cases turned out for real physicians.

Each simulation was progressively more complex, from easy to challenging, maintaining a healthy balance of circumstances to both encourage and push learners at every stage of the course.

Business Impact

  • 65% of learners not currently signed with our client stated that they were more interested in professional liability insurance after the training.
  • 98% of learners stated that the training program was easy to understand and follow.
  • 95% of learners rated the program as more informative and educational than any other eLearning program they had attended.

Ozemio Resources Used

Instructional Designers, Media Experts, Language Specialists, Subject Matter Experts, and our Quality Control team. Totalling at 2286 work hours.

Program Learning Hours

2 hours

Number of Modules


Tools & Technology Used

Articulate Storyline 360, Adobe Flash, Javascript

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