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RBS - Classroom-based Gamified Learning Programs for New Hires




Service Case Study



Business Requirements

  • Client wanted to adopt an engaging classroom-based approach to train the new hires.
  • The need to gain optimal employee engagement during the onboarding program.
  • The need for employees to understand the overall working of India Technology division.


  • Classroom training sessions were boring and less interactive. 
  • There was lack of motivation and collaboration among the employees. 
  • Learners were unable to retain knowledge within a classroom setting.

Our Solution

  • Game-based learning approach within a classroom setting was adopted. 
  • It helped to address the customized learning needs of the intended audiences. 
  • Mini games and Quizzes enhanced the overall employee participation and workplace efficiency.


  • Gamified instructor-led instruction catered to the training needs of new hires. 
  • Rewards & Badges helped to reinforce the learning experience. 
  • Employees actively participated to track their workplace growth and performance. 
  • The aim to reach the next level raised the feeling of competition among the employees. 
  • Overall, 9 themes were introduced within the game which could be randomized as per the varied learning preferences. 
  • Buzzer rounds (league matches), extra multiple choice or scenario-based questions provided an opportunity for learners to earn bonus points and be in the game again.
  • Gamified classroom learning improved collaboration between the players from different teams, leading to increased learning efficiency, team building and workplace productivity.
  • The interactive interface of the game helped participants view their individual scores, track performance, and boost learning uptake.