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June 16, 2023
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Healthcare & Pharma – Using Custom eLearning Solutions to Train Physicians on Malpractice Litigations


A leading provider of coverage to medical professionals, hospitals and healthcare facilities, the client is an innovative market leader based out of New York. It is the second largest professional liability carrier with an exemplary track record of defending physicians and other healthcare professionals against malpractice claims.


Service Case Study


Healthcare & Pharma

Business Requirement

As part of its comprehensive risk management effort, the client creates online education to help physicians reduce the likelihood and severity of malpractice lawsuits. The client collaborated with to deploy an LMS and develop personalized training courses on Malpractice Litigation for doctors/physicians and healthcare providers.

The Challenge

A growing source of concern for physicians both in the US and worldwide has been the increasing presence of physician burnout which may lead to depression and suicide as well as to patient injury through medical errors, Also, healthcare professionals often lack formal training and support on legal and emotional aspects of medical malpractice. The Client required:

  • A robust training platform to provide engaging online training courses
  • Relevant content for a diverse group of physicians encompassing all specialties such as internists, obstetricians, surgeons, and others.
  • Actual depiction of scenarios for training
  • Device agnostic training for easy access
  • Assessment capability of training

The Solution

Keeping in mind the unique and sensitive requirements of the Client, Learning Experts devised a custom eLearning solution with engaging Microlearning modules delivered through the deployed LMS.The use of video format and simulations made the content engaging and interactive. In-built assessments for training helped provide essential progress feedback.

  • developed a six-module structure incorporating both legal as well as medical content, short case studies, and engaging videos to illustrate the entire journey of physicians.
  • Short “concept-in-a-minute” videos using a real physician describing his personal experience of going through each phase of a malpractice claim were used throughout the program.
  • Simulations were also used to introduce different physicians showcasing their experiences through scenarios
  • Effective tracking of course completion, assessment completion, as well as Bookmarking option so that learners could resume where they left.
  • Training courses were responsively designed, thereby providing the landscape and portrait mode for tablets and only portrait mode for smart phones.
  • Waivers in the LMS were assigned as a backdated training where learner had to record the training as attended and completed.
  • LMS also mapped personalized training courses to different training groups.
  • Course Pair feature was implemented to assign learners either face-to-face or online training.


  • More than 2500 physicians completed the course.
  • At the program evaluation stage, 95.15% of physicians rated the course as either Excellent or Good.
  • 90% of physicians strongly agreed or agreed that they could easily manage the initial stages of the malpractice lawsuit, the deposition, and handle malpractice litigations in the future.
  • 87% of physicians agreed or strongly agreed that they had an easy time navigating through the course.
  • 88% liked the look and feel of the program.
  • 91% found that the course was relevant to their practice.


“I suggest introducing this course to those who just signed up for your service. It is easy to follow and of great guidance, not to mention it gives a peace of mind to learn about this topic early on. All compatible with my personal experience. Well done team! Besides describing the legal terms, it can help any doctor navigate the experience of a malpractice suit.”


This case received the prestigious Omni Awards 2019 in the Educational category for its successful implementation.

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